Flock of dudes – you could be in this movie!

Oh my, Hilary Duff is back! And not just in any movie.
The star gave birth to her child a year ago, even though it seems years since we heard of her. We all remember her as Lizzie McGuire and our dream princess in A Cinderella Story. And my personal favorite, Raise Your Voice.

But she’s back! She’ll be starring in a new movie named ‘Flock of Dudes’. There’s said that it’s a hangover-like movie. Another one? Yes, another one!

And Hilary isn’t starring in it on her own. Some of the names are Roy Liotta, Bryan Greenberg, Skylar Astin, Lea Michele, Hannah Simone and Eric Andre.

To be honest, there are only a few names that I recognize. And the first thing I thought, was that Lea Michele finally got what she wanted; another project together with Skylar Astin. She clearly stated she wanted him on Glee a while ago, and would love to work with him again. They both starred in the Broadway musical Spring Awakening.

Anyway, back to business! For anyone living in Los Angeles with some time on their hands from now until the end of July, and looking for a little acting job, make sure you audition for the extra’s on this movie! Auditions are next week Tuesday and Wednesday. They are looking for guests at parties, weddings and so on! Click here for the link to the information page.

And if you go, and get a role, please let me know!! I’d love to interview you about your experience.

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